Our Values and Principles

· To provide the products conforming to the needs of our customers and delivered them on time.

· To be an ever-growing Turkish firm which meets all kinds of demands of the customers, does not compromise on quality, is a  leader in its sector, attaches significant importance to honesty and after sales service, organizes its time well according to customer demands and expectations by providing a fast production system.

· Skm Sağlam Kalıp Makine, which is proud of being one of the most reliable establishments of Turkey with its honest and transparent principles, has not any behaviour that may damage the mutual trust with the persons and institutions that it has business relations, and it should not have any.

· The way of protecting our business and creating new business opportunities is through the maximization of the customer satisfaction. In order to increase this satisfaction, priorities of our customers should form our priorities. Additionally, we should build close relations with our customers, understand them well, foresee the changing requirements and meet these requirements fast. Such a customer focused approach will provide a high level customer satisfaction, increase their loyalty to Skm Sağlam Kalıp Makine and assure adding value to our customers and that they choose us.

· We, who determine the standard in all our fields of activity and aiming to be the best one, must act with the determination to succeed. With the power that we receive from our determination to succeed, we can make difference by doing always better than ourselves and our competitors.