Sağlam Kalıp Makine; is a company that provides services producing spare parts and components for the industrial cooling and household appliances through its expertise in sheet metal molding.

We continue to produce spare parts and component groups manufactured by our Cnc Lathe, Cnc Sliding Automat and Cnc Vertical processing machines. We keep our customers’ satisfaction at the highest possible levels, by delivering the casts and component group parts that we produce at our own molding section that is located in our press park, which has a pressing capacity between 15 and 240 tons to our customers, with the utmost care and ensuring that they are always received on time.

In order to manufacture the parts produced at our company in accordance with global quality standards we have obtained the necessary CE certificates and present our products to Europe and all other countries around the world confidently.

Our company is managed through the ISO 9001 - 2008 quality management system, and we fulfill all of our customers’ demands, without making concessions from quality standards. We are a Turkish company that is leading in the sector, that attaches great importance to honesty and after sales services, carries out scheduling in accordance with the customers’ demands and expectations, developing continuously ensuring a fast production flow system and constantly renovating itself.